Cabbage soup, burned cabbage, potato                   CZK 85
Pork knee jelly, turnip, radish, celery, onion, carrot, sourdough bread       CZK 115
Pickled carp in pepper, smoked mayonnaise, fennel, turnip, caraway chips      CZK 165
Duck hearts, potato rosti, marjoram, duck sauce CZK 168
Fried cauliflower, tartar sauce CZK 108
Tartare, smoked chilli mayonnaise, melisse, bone marrow, fried oninon, roasted sourdough bread CZK 235
main courses  
Borscht soup with smoked trout, fennel, beetroot, potato, dill, sour cream       CZK 325
Grilled chicken, potato puree, pickled gherkin, stewed pumpkin, chicken sauce  CZK 255
Bell pepper stuffed with smoked pork shanks  pork sauce, sour cream CZK 198
Turkey neck slow cooked in smoked lard, sour vegetables, turkey sauce, sourdough bread CZK 235
Meatloaf, lard bread roll with poppy seed, onion salad with apple and horseradish, mustard CZK 165
Oyster blade, beef sauce, sour vegetables, sourdough bread CZK 295
Liver sausage, mustard sauce, potato CZK 185
„40“ oyster blade, beef sauce, sour vegetables, sourdough bread CZK 395
Grilled pork tongue, dill sauce, donut, onion jam CZK 255
Choux pastry, caramel cream, vanilla, hazelnuts       CZK 65
Buns, poppy seed, vanilla liqueur       CZK 95

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