Kulajda – dill and mushroom soup with cream and egg                   CZK 88
Home-style sourdough bread, roasted seed, home-style butter, salt from fermented cabbage CZK 68
Baked bone marrow, wild garlic, parsley, chive, spring onions, sorrel, bread crumbs from rye bread, currant from last summer       CZK 165
Pickled carp in pepper, smoked mayonnaise, fennel, turnip, caraway chips      CZK 185
Duck hearts, potato rosti, marjoram, duck sauce CZK 178
Tartare, smoked chilli mayonnaise, melisse, bone marrow, fried oninon, roasted sourdough bread CZK 258
main courses
Fried fish fingers from rainbow trout, smoked mayonnaise, fermented zucchini, our bread CZK 325
Crispy duck wings, fermented, peppers sauce, brine fermented pickles CZK 285
Smoked duck breast, elderberry sauce, chard,
potato cones, autumn crumble, plum compote
CZK 348
Turkey neck slow cooked in smoked lard, sour vegetables, turkey sauce, sourdough bread CZK 258
Oyster blade, beef sauce, sour vegetables, sourdough bread CZK 388
Grilled pork tongue, dill sauce, donut, onion jam CZK 285
„14“ pork chop, kale, lard sauce, bread fried in lard 100 g/CZK 148
„120“ bone-in rib eye – for 2 people
fermented and grilled vegetables, potatoes, mushroom salad, beef sauce
100 g/CZK 235
„120“ karboš – meatball from rib eye, tallow roll,
our ketchup, truffle mayonnaise, pickled gherkin
CZK 348
Choux pastry, caramel cream, vanilla, hazelnuts       CZK 85

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