take out menu

take-out menu

Our buckwheat & potato loaf of sourdough bread CZK 98
,, Bramboračka”- Potatoe soup with mushrooms CZK 85
Beef foo, egg yolk noodles, meat, herbs CZK 125
Confit duck leg in lard with herbs, our cabbage, strong duck sauce, dumpling  CZK 225
,,Langoš,,  pesto from wild garlic, confit tomatoes from last summer, spring onion, sheep cheese CZK 175
Fried cauliflower, potatoes with chive, tartare CZK 175
Potatoes dumplings fulled pork knee, cabbage,crispy onion, strong sauce CZK 185
Roasted beef, beef sauce, egg, fried onion, pickles, rice CZK 185
Our svíčková-sirloin in creamy root vegetable sauce, dumpling, cranberries, whipped cream CZK 198
 Fish and chips, tatar sauce, sour peas CZK 285 
 ,,Holanďák,, fried meatball, mashed potates, gherkin
 CZK 185 
potatoes ,,Halušky,, with our smoked greaves, sheep cheese, fried onion CZK  185
Grilled oyster blade, pepper sauce, french fries, pickled vegetables CZK 285
Our “větrník” – choux with caramel and vanilla cream, roasted hazelnuts CZK 98
Menu box CZK 10