take out menu

take-out menu

Our buckwheat & potato loaf of sourdough bread CZK 98
Boršč, potatoes, dill, pork meat, sour cream CZK 85
Our svíčková-sirloin in creamy root vegetable sauce, dumpling, cranberries, whipped cream CZK 198
 Fish and chips, Danish salad CZK 285 
Grilled chicken on fire, herbs sauce, baked potatoe, cabbage salad with carrot and apple CZK 185
Baked carrots with herbs, potatoes on butter, vegetables sauce, pumpkin seeds CZK 175
 ,,Holanďák,, fried meatball, mashed potates, gherkin
 CZK 185 
Potatoes dumplings fulled with pork knee, cabbage, crispy onion, strong sauce CZK 185
potatoes ,,Halušky,, with our smoked greaves, sheep cheese, fried onion CZK  185
Pancake hot as hell made of naughty boars from the Říčanský forest, our Tabasco, pickles, lovage, mayo and crumble of onion and cracklings CZK 215
Grilled oyster blade, strong beef sauce, french fries, mushroom salad CZK 285
Our “větrník” – choux with caramel and vanilla cream, roasted hazelnuts CZK 98
Menu box CZK 10