Lunch menu 20.6. – 24.6.

Monday-Friday from 11:00 to 15:00

Chicken broth with Celestine noodles, butter-roasted vegetables, load of herbs 95 Kč
Farmer′s salad by Tereza with chicken smoked in house, cheese, butter crouton, radish, kohlrabi, corn, honey mustard sauce 255 Kč
Lecsó of fire-grilled and marinated peppers, dumplings in egg batter, dried tomatoes, marjoram 215 Kč
Angus blade steak meat balls in tomato sauce, macaroni with butter and chive 265 Kč
Fried Blaťcké zlato cheese in Wallachian panko, buttered potatoes with parsley, tartare sauce, cabbbage salad with beets 245 Kč
Roast of aged boar from Říčany, potatoe pancakes, smoked mayo, pickled chilies, marinated and crispy onion, loads of herbs 285 Kč
Grilled oyster blade on charcoal, pepper sauce, roast and pickled spring vegetables 585 Kč
Gingerbread pudding, black currant, walnut crumb 98 Kč
Větrník – choux pastry with caramel and vanilla cream, roasted hazelnuts 145 Kč