Lunch menu Monday-Friday 11:00-15:00

Lunch menu

Our buckwheat & potato loaf of sourdough bread CZK 98
Tomatoe soup, grilled potatoe, cow cheese, lovage, pepper CZK 115
Trout roasted on butter, sauce from wine and herbs, potatoes in sour cream with dill, cucumber salad with currant CZK 255
 Beef cheeks on beer, summer vegetables, mashed potatoes, pee salad CZK 245 
 Grilled and pickled asparagus, bio egg, young potatoes, holand sauce CZK 185 
 Fried royal cheese, potatoes with chives, tartar sauce, tomatoe salad CZK 185 
 Chicken schnitzel, salad waldorf CZK 195 
 Salad with grilled chicken, dressink from our yoghurt, herbs, pickled tomatoes, radish, kelhrabi, sour herbs CZK 185 
 ,,60,, aged cheeseburger – ketchup, lettuce, tomatoe, bacon, onion, smoked mayo, gherkin, potatoe bun CZK 385 
Pepper steak, pepper sauce,  vegetables CZK 385
Our “větrník” – choux with caramel and vanilla cream, roasted hazelnuts CZK 98

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