Lunch menu 24.1.—28.1.

Monday—Friday from 11:00 to 15:00

Kulajda- creamy potato and mushrooms soup, egg, potatoes, dill 115 Kč
Wallachian panko-encrusted chicken schnitzel, mashed potatoes, apple compote 195 Kč
Halušky s brynzou, ala “Slovak mac′n′cheese, smoked cracklings, fried onion, herb salad 195 Kč
Spicy langoš with Šumava forest falow deer confit, smoked mayo, pickled chilies, herb salad with onion 285 Kč
Roast pork belly on garlic and caraway seeds, our sauerkraut stomped in house, dumpling, pork jus 215 Kč
Fire-grilled pork cutlet, chunky potato mash, lettuce with vinaigrette, pork jus with thyme 225 Kč
Grilled oyster blade, autumn vegetables on butter, pepper sauce 455 Kč
Gingerbread pudding, black currant, walnut crumble 98 Kč

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