about us

A Czech gastropub that serves modern yet comforting dishes inspired by our chefs' roots in the Moravian region of Valašsko and craft beers by the Dalešice brewery, Výčep is the modern pub the beautiful district of Vinohrady - and Prague at large - deserve.


Here at Výčep, we want to elevate the Czech pub experience. You’re getting the great beer and the familiar service you’d come to expect from a pub, but we’re adding fantastic gourmet food that, while rooted in Czech comforting classics and packing all the hallmark flavours, is made in a way that is modern and cheffy.

So are we a pub? Yes: you can pop in for a few beers and small nibbles. But are we a restaurant too? Oh, absolutely, and a great one at that, punching way above what the name (Výčep means „Tap room“ in Czech) would suggest. We are the gastropub modern Prague and the good people in it deserves.

But don’t take our word for it: order take out and when it’s an option, come on over for a dining experience. We can’t wait to show you what a modern Czech gastropub should be.

Jiří Hrachový
Executive Chef

Alenka Paličková
Restaurant Manager

Filip Chmelík

Radek Hendrich
Restaurant Manager

Vojtěch Bálek

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