Menu 17-22 and weekend

Tripe soup, potatoes, pickled peppers, cumin, marjoram, sour cream

CZK 115
Rainbow trout from Kasperk mountain dried in salt, rye bread, sorrel, currant from summer, dill, Jerusalem artichoke CZK 285
Tartare from deer Sika from Šumava, fir, yolk, watercress, yeast,smoked mayo, crispy bread CZK 355
Roast foie gras on crispy bread, onion jam with plum and blueberries, roast almond CZK 385
Smelly cheese cream with potatoes roasted in smoked fat, buckwheat, grapes, chokeberry, celery stalks CZK 255
Pastrami of smoked beef tongue, mustard mayo, horseradish, pickle, sourdough bread CZK 325
Wine sausage with truffle mayo, pork fat snail bread, caramelized and crispy onion, cabbage salad with apple vinegar CZK 285
Roasted autumn vegetables on butter, blue cheese sauce, hazelnuts, pickled apple CZK 285
Devil langoš with shredded wilt boar from Říčany, spicy sauce, smoked mayo, pickled pepper, herbs salad with onion, crispy buckwheat CZK 285
Beef schnitzel with cognac sauce, sour celery, pear, lovage CZK 385
Grilled oyster blade – sauce from forest mushrooms, autumn vegetables CZK 455
Burger from wild boar from Říčany, ketchup, pickle, mustard mayo, herbs salad with onion CZK 385
,,40,, days aged pork chop bake on charcoal, trumpet mushrooms sauce with rum, for 2 people, roasted Jerusalem artichoke, pickled forest mushrooms, Brussels sprout CZK 985
Our ,, větrník,, – choux with caramel and vanila cream, roasted nuts CZK 98


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