Evening and weekend menu


Sourdough bread baked with buckwheat and potatoes, butter, roasted seeds from mill Bohutín, lovage salt CZK 125
Duck hearts woth Albufera sauce, waffles, almond, black currant, foie grass CZK 355
Blatec pond carp in smoked tomato sauce, tabasco, confit and marinated tomatoes, dill, butter bread roll CZK 325
Rabbit cwoquette from Trnčí farm, buckwheat miso mayo, tarragon, carrot salad with ginger, amaranth CZK 355
Fire-grilled smoked bone marrow, mushroom garum, French salad, crispy bread CZK 285
Mountain cheese fried  donut, blue cheese, burnt lemon and elderflower marmelade CZK 285
Forest mushrooms on garlic and marjoram, eggs, sour onions, pickled mushrooms, bread
CZK 285
Beef tartare with forest mushrooms, yeast, egg yolk, smoked mayo, pickles, crispy bread CZK 385
Butter-roasted trout from Kašperské Hory farm, waldorf salad, apple, gooseberry, currant, celery, hazelnuts, butter sauce with chives CZK 455
Tomato salad with grilled peppers,  truffle cheese, tomatoe pesto, pickled peppers, Czech basil, roasted seeds from Bohutím mill  CZK 325
Potatoe dumpling stuffed with duck from our smokehouse, cabbage salad, herbs breadcrumbs, bacon sauce CZK 425
Aged porkneck schnitzel from přeštík with roasted bone marrow, cognac sauce, celery, mushrooms, wild garlic, mustard CZK 425
Pork ribs from our smokehouse, black horseradish sauce, pickled vegetable, vejmrda, bread CZK 485
Grilled oyster blade on charcoal, pickled and roasted summer vegetable CZK 650
 Větrník- choux pastry with caramel and vanilla cream, roasted hazelnuts CZK 145


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