Our buckwheat & potato loaf of sourdough bread CZK 98
Pheasant broth, baked cabbage, butter bread, herbs CZK 68
Hungarian gulash, dumpling, sour cream CZK  185
potatoes ,,Halušky,, with our smoked greaves, sheep cheese, fried onion CZK 185
Pancake hot as hell made of naughty boars from the Říčanský forest, our Tabasco, pickles, lovage, mayo and crumble of onion and cracklings CZK 215
Karboš – burger from wild boar, truffle mayo, our ketchup, fried onion, pickle CZK 245
Grilled oyster blade, strong beef sauce, french fries, pickled vegetables CZK 285
menu box CZK 10


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