Our buckwheat & potato sourdough bread, roasted seeds, butter, beet salt CZK 68
Fish soup with ginger, sour cream, watercress, butter roll CZK 145
Viennese salad with carp, fennel CZK 225
Pate from fat duck liver, midsummer walnut, plum compote, butter bun       CZK 245
Baked marrow bone, mushrooms, mustard, sour vegetables, sourdough bread CZK 245
Fried mushrooms, our tabasco, paprika jam, sour cream CZK 185
Deer tartare in crispy basket, apples, parsley, fir CZK 295
Goose liver on rum and marjoram, onion jam, pear compote, toast CZK 285
Beef schnitzel, waldorf salad CZK 318
Smoked beef tongue on plum wood, mustard, sourdough bread CZK 285
Karboš – meatball from deer, tallow bun, fried onion, our ketchup, truffle mayonnaise, pickled gherkin CZK 355
Oyster blade grilled on fire, forest mushroom sauce, french fries, mushroom salad CZK 425
,,90″ Rib Eye steak grilled on fire for two, autumn vegetables, truffle sauce, pickles 100 g/285Kč
Sorbet – plum brandy CZK 55
Ice cream – beer CZK 55
Choux pastry, caramel & vanilla cream, hazelnuts       CZK 98
Crispy soft meringue pastry roll, malt cream, home-style condensed milk, hazelnuts   CZK 98


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