Home-style buckwheat & potato sourdough bread, roasted seeds, butter, tomato salt CZK 68
Tomato soup, home-style cow’s cheese, lemon balm, prickly ash CZK 98
Fish salad, lard bread roll /from 3. 6./       CZK 180
Champignon mushrooms in garlic & wine, truffle, lard bread roll CZK 165
Pepper and tomato stew, egg, home-style bacon, sourdough bread CZK 180
Tacos, head lettuce, grilled pork ribs, mayonnaise, savory mixed crumble, onions       CZK 225
Steak tartare, “18” Worcestershire sauce, egg yolk, onions, lemon, fir needles, home-style cream cheese, crispy bread CZK 225
Beef schnitzel, Béarnaise sauce, peas CZK 285
Tomato salad, roasted bell peppers, home-style truffle cheese, roasted seeds, quality oil, buckwheat & potato sourdough bread CZK 245
Spicy toast, pulled wild boar, spicy pickled peppers, angry sauce, smoked mayonnaise, fried pickled onions CZK 180
Smoked beef tongue, horseradish sauce, pickled herbs, bread CZK 255
Wild boar burger, lard bread roll, ketchup, truffle mayonnaise, gherkin, fried onion CZK 285
Grilled oyster blade, black pepper sauce, chips, pickled vegetables CZK 385
Grilled “120” rib-eye steak for 2, roasted fermented seasonal vegetables, truffle sauce, pickled head lettuce, home-style bacon 100 g/CZK 285
Filled chop with caramel & vanilla cream, hazelnuts       CZK 98
Crispy soft meringue pastry roll, malt cream, home-style condensed milk, hazelnuts   CZK 98


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