Menu 17-22 and weekend
Tomatoe soup – grilled tomatoe, cheese, lovage, pepper CZK 115
Roasts from carp caught on a fishing rod, dill mayo, pickle, bread on fire CZK 245
Worker class carpaccio – lovage, sour onion, sourdough bread CZK 198
Beef tartare with pickled mushrooms – truffle mayo, bio egg yolk, mustard, bread on fire CZK 255
Pea tempeh with sheep cheese – sauce from roast vegetables, pea, pea pod CZK 235
Tomato salad wit truffle cheese – roasted sour peppers, lovage oil, baked seeeds, rye bread CZK 255
Grilled chicken breast from farm Štepanov – sauce from baked sunflower, radish, sour apple, estragon CZK 255
Shredded wild boar from Říčany forest -potatoe pancake on fire, grape, fennel, mint, sour cream CZK 285
Duck wings – sauce from fermented peppers, pickle, parsley, sourdough bread CZK 285
Smoked beef tongue from our chef Jirka – black dill sauce ,,koprovka,, , dill pretzel CZK 325
Beef schnitzel –  butter sauce with currant and gooseberry, kolhrabi salad with asparagus, radish, chervil CZK 385
Grilled oyster blade – sauce from forest mushrooms, vegetables CZK 385
,,60,, aged beef cheeseburger – ketchup, lettuce, tomatoe, cheese : ,,blaťacké zlato,, bacon, smoked mayo, crispy onion, pickle, potatoe bun CZK 385
Our ,, větrník,, – choux with caramel and vanila cream, roasted nuts CZK 98
Sundea with strawberries – our condensed milk, whipped cream, butter crumb CZK 155


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